Till yesterday, I have never downloaded a video from youtube. Once, I was looking for a youtube downloader but it never worked even after i downloaded the software. But yesterday, a friend of mine just came and downloaded a youtube video in minutes. I was amazed and said “Damn! What a Great Site?”.

Where does this “Great Site” come from? Well, my youtube downloader is not actually a software but a site. So, you don’t have to download a software before you download the video. All you have to do is to make a simple change in the url of the youtube video you want to download.

Ok Ok, just tell me what to do! Well, its easy. :) Just go to the video page of the video you want to download in youtube. In the address bar, the url must be something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxxxxx is some random string. Now, change the url by replacing the “youtube” by “voobys” so that the new url becomes http://www.voobys.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxx and hit enter. Thats it! On the page that opens, there will be a Download button and when you click it, your video will be downloaded. Isn’t it easy that those buggy softwares that you have tried installing till now. Well, try it and you will see the difference. 😉