Another important plugin for your wordpress blog is wp super cache wordpress plugin which is a caching plugin for wordpress. This plugin caches the pages and posts of your wordpress blog including categories, tags and search pages and speeds up your blog’s access times. Without this plugin, the wordpress blog is somewhat slow and consumes CPU resources. But with WP super cache, lots of CPU resources will be saved and will make the blog faster.

This plugin is a very important plugin and I would recommend every owner of a wordpress blog to use this plugin. This can help you and your visitors in many ways. You save your server resources and your visitors will take less time to open your blog.
The options available with this plugin are very useful and easy to use. Some of the features of this plugin are:

Features of WP super cache plugin

  • Very fast caching of home, post, page, categories, tags…
  • A link for deleting cache at the left top corner after the “dashboard” link.
  • Option to clear all cache files when a post or page is published.
  • Super Cache Compression
  • Exclude urls from caching in a general mode (with exceptions)
  • Disable cache for User agents like bots, spiders, crawls etc.
  • Lock down – When this is enabled, new comments on a post will not refresh the cached static files.
  • Directly cached files.

Configuration page of wp_super_cache wordpress plugin

Download WP super cache plugin

For downloading WP super cache plugin or to view details, visit WP super cache plugin documentation.