Today, I just upgraded my wordpress into the latest version of wordpress – the WordPress 2.5. Unlike the various versions released in the past year, this one has a very different look and has new interesting features. This version marks a major change in the theme of the admin control panel and addition of new features in the admin area like the addition of special features in the writing editor. As I start using this version of the wordpress, I found some interesting new features and some drawbacks too. Therefore, I’m listing some of them here.

New Features of WordPress 2.5

  • It has a more advanced rich editor with more advanced and easy to use buttons like “Add media”, “Add Video”, “Add Audio” buttons.
  • IMO, this new version seems to load much faster than the previous one – especially when you are opening the “Write a post/page” page.
  • Addition of filenames in parenthesis in the “theme-editor” page. This one is great because in the old version, sometimes we get confused which file to edit especially with “index.php” which used to be listed under the name “Main Index Template”. Now, every file in a theme is listed like “Main index Template (index.php)” and therefore it is easier to identify the file that we want to edit.
  • The “Add link” feature has now come under the main tab “Write”. So, next time you want to add a link, first go to “write” and then choose “link” under it.
  • The “Blogroll” main tab has been completely removed and some of them has been put under the main tab “Manage”.
  • A new feature called the “Media Library” has been added under the “Manage” Tab.
  • The “Tags” tab has also been added under “Manage” with which you can see all the tags used in your posts.
  • There is an option to change the admin theme colors under the “Your profile” tab in “users”.
  • And finally it has a much different theme which looks lighter than the previous one.

In fact, there are many new features in this one and is much better than the previous one but still I have to say that the previous theme of the admin control panel looks more pleasant and is easy to use. The new theme is somewhat confusing. I’m not sure if this new theme will fit me after some time but I do like the previous one. However, in overall, this new wordpress version is much better and I also recommend you to upgrade your wordpress into this new one if you are already using wordpress. You can download the wordpress 2.5 version at . Use it and enjoy blogging  :) .