As you might see this blog belongs to Waikhom or more precisely me. My full name is Ningsuhen Waikhom. Though “Waikhom” is my title and my name is “Ningsuhen”, Most of my friends at college know me as WAIKHOM. Waikhom is a bit easier to pronounce than Ningsuhen. When I start writing this blog or right now, I’m a 19 year old boy, I call myself a boy because I like it and because I like being one. I’m writing this blog because I’m so much afraid I will forget who I used to be. Besides I have come across so many experiences which I think are worth sharing with my friends, my relatives, and everyone who needs them. But before I come to my experiences I want to introduce my self to you all.

My Name is Ningsuhen Waikhom. Ningsuhen is my name and Waikhom is my title. I’m writing this again because most of my fellas get confused with my name and my title. And I’m an (Computer Science) engineering student of MANIT, Maulana Azad Natonal Institute of Technology of Bhopal. I’m not good in humor but I love the sense of humor. When I first get into this college, I was a serious and silent guy but I came across friends who are so nice and humorous that I have also changed a bit. When I write this it seems that there are thousands that I want to share with you. If I go on writing from head to tail I think I’ll never complete this website of mine. So, I decided to write in pieces so that I can take breaks and refresh my mine.

The most interesting subject that you will find in my blog would my experiences in Science and technology. Besides I have little secrets that made me a better person. You know what I mean. They Say “There’s always a good woman behind every successful man”. There are many wonderful and amazing things that I have come across. In fact, it’s an opportunity and pleasure to share my experiences with you all. To make it short I will write a list that will make it easier to find out if you can get what you are looking for. If you ask me what my experiences are, the first thing I’ll say is my experience with the journey called Life. However, in this blog I’ll be writing mostly about my experiences in education and technology. Since my childhood, I have always like electronics, robots, and computers and now I really want to share my knowledge because I know there are people out there like me who are eager to see and learn such things. Finally, I want to say that I’m not that good in writing but its improving and I believe my experiences would be of best use to all my visitors and friends.

So friends THANKS for visiting.