For a lazy guy like me, having a wireless mouse or remote control for my PC helps a lot. Especially when you are watching a movie and your lazy ass doesn’t want to move, this comes handy. You can use our android touchphone as a wireless mouse or even as a remote control for playing media on your PC. It’s pretty easy to set this up provided you have a wireless router. So, assuming that you have a wireless router with which your phone and PC are both connected, you can setup your wireless mouse/rc with the following steps:-
1. Install gmote app from android market (search for “gmote” in android market from your phone).
2. Download and install gmote server into your PC. the server if not started automatically)
3. Start gmote app from your phone and connect to your PC.

That’s all. Now, you can use your phone as a mouse for your PC or you can use it to choose and play media files from your computer.