After sitting in front of a PC for more than 9 hours, I don’t feel like staring into my Computer screen just to read a news article or a blog post. And for the last few days, I’ve not been quite well as far as my eyes are concerned. So I thought, what if I can listen to a blog post or an article? This reminded me of which had indeed incorporated the audio podcasting feature some time back. And I really liked listening to their podcasts because the voice was natural and easy to understand.

So, I’ve been looking around for some audio synthesizer and did found some cool tools. One of them was the MARY Text to speech which is an open source project on text to speech coversion. I tried this out and the voice was clear and natural. It is the perfect choice if you own a commercial site and you don’t want dependencies on third parties. However, MARY is a generic TTS tool and apart from being a self hosted service, it doesn’t really have ready to use plugins for wordpress.

As the search kept going, I finally stumbled into odiogo which is a hosted service and of course free for bloggers. You need to register in their site but hey, that takes 10 secs only. And yes, odiogo has a wordpress plugin and to use it, you don’t have to do anything else apart from installing the plugin. Once you install the plugin and enter the feed id, it’s all good to go. There will be “listen now” button below the title of your blog post. Just click that button to listen to your blog post. Well, you can try this out by listening to this blog post by clicking the same button at the top (I’ve removed this plugin as it doesn’t work properly. I hope they fix the issues soon). I hope you enjoy reading this and try out this awesome plugin. Happy blogging :D.