Making money online with blogging is much easier if you have an ad manager through which advertisers can directly buy ads from your blog. This feature was added by many bloggers by customizing wordpress but it costs a lot of money if you pay a programmer to customize your blog. So, Michael finally made the free wordpress plugin for managing ads in your wordpress blog. Although the plugin is only for 125×125 sized ads, it works quite well and is user friendly. You can customize a lot of features of this plugin and this makes this plugin a great and important plugin for wordpress. I recommend this plugin to every pro-blogger for it is the best solution to managing ads for free.

Features of MyAdmanager wordpress plugin

  1. Variable number of 125×125 sized image ads both in rows and columns.
  2. Customizable padding between ads.
  3. Monthly and weekly options for selling ads.
  4. PayPal payment form with IPN and instant activation.
  5. Transaction Log table displaying recent transactions.
  6. Home and outside ad feature with which you can add your own ads which will be replaced if an advertiser buys a new Ad.

Below is a snapshot of the Options page of Myadmanager wordpress plugin.

MyAdmanager Configuration Page

MyAdmanager Configuration Page

Download MyAdmanager wordpress plugin

You can read more details about this plugin or download this plugin at its plugin page.