For years, I have been using the Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Word is the most used toolkit amongst the tools included in the package. Using Microsoft word 2003 was always easy and it helped me correct grammatical errors. One special feature of word 2003 that I used more often is the word count feature which is available on the top menu at “Tools>>Word Count”. This helps me particularly when I was writing a review for some advertiser in one of my blogs although reviews are not written in this particular blog. I used the word count feature to see if the no. of words in my article has reached the minimum word count as specified by the advertiser and it was a great help. :)

A few days before, I installed the Microsoft Office 2007 and I have been using the new package since. The New Office is during quite great and I was very satisfied. But for almost a week, I was not able to see a link or button where I could find the word count as in word 2003. I searched for the button in the top menu and fond none. Finally, I just saw at the bottom left of the word 2007 that the word count is written there. Besides displaying the word count all the time, it also allows you to see the word count of a selected text against the total text in the document. This is how I was confused for a few days looking for the word count. Now, if you are also looking for the word count button in Word 2007, you are just not looking. Just look at the bottom left and you will see the word count like this.

Word Count Displayed in Word 2007 bottom left