Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) – thats my college. I study computer science here and I’m currently in third year (6th semester). Technically, it is one of the NITs which mean National Institutes of technology. The NITs are National level institutes which are autonomous and are deemed universities in the engineering discipline. Well, my college is also one of the NITs and therefore, a deemed university too. I can’t say much about this college but I’m sure there are lots of brilliant students here. I like being around with such talented people and I enjoy the environment here – “Hey, Never study for exam until it is too late” 😉 .

Talking about college, I want to mention placements this year. About a month ago, all of the final years had been placed in one or more companies. But the thing is that just two days ago, Microsoft’s recruitment was scheduled suddenly and two got selected. Considering the placements this year, I can proudly say that my college has one of the best campus recruitments in the NITs.

The Politics – 😳 , I don’t wanna talk about it. I’ll just say there are lots of politics here and I’m not the only one who hates it. But there are good things too. So, its not much a big thing to worry.

The college is a big campus but there are a lot more fields of grass than the buildings. Sometimes, I feel like I’m in a desert because the temperature is so high, the college building is so far from the hostel and when I go for college, it reminds me of the movie “Hidalgo”.

And hey, if you wanna see some snapshots of MANIT Bhopal, check these out.

This is the best picture of my college that I have in my PC :) .
MANIT Bhopal - Main Building

This is the best part. Well, this picture is taken at the energy center which most of the students don’t bother to have a look at. But once you see this place, you will like it and I too kind of like it.
Manit Bhopal - Subway

And this is our Students’ Activity Center. I don’t know why they call it Students’ Activity Center. The students hardly go there for their activities.
Manit Bhopal - Students activity center

Well, you have seen some snapshots of my college. What do you think about it? Nice nah? But you might wanna check out if you are planning for a career here – hehe. Anyway, my crap stories about MANIT is finished here and if you want to see the real nice pictures of the Institute, visit the MANIT official website.