In the past few weeks, it has come to the attention of the people of Manipur (India) and the state government that a local plant, which they refer to as the “Ranlung damdawi”, might be capable of curing cancer. From the references of the people, the plant can cure cancer-like diseases and many other diseases including sinusitis, tumors, asthma, piles and body aches.

The plant had been used as a traditional medicinal plant by the inhabitants of the Saikot Village. Chawlien Hmar, an 82 yrs old inhabitant of the village, discovered the curing capability of the plant only a few weeks ago. Before he discovered this valuable plant, a tumor on his neck had been diagnosed as Cancer and he was prescribed to undertake medical treatment which he couldn’t pursue because of financial shortage. With frustration, he tried this traditional plant used by forefathers for medicinal uses. He made a potion of this plant and applied it to the tumor on his neck. Amazingly, the size of the tumor reduced rapidly and finally it had completely vanished from his neck. All of this happened so quickly within a few hours that the news had been spread to all the local people.

A Picture of the anti-cancerous plant found in Manipur

Afterwards, many people started taking this plant for various diseases other than tumors. A few weeks later, a team of scientists from the Institute of Bioresource and Sustainable Development (IBSD) collected specimens of this locally grown herb in a village in Manipur and claimed to have properties to cure cancer. The team led by Project Coordinator Mohindro Singh Khaidem and including Natural Product Scientist Ch. Brajakishore had confirmed the plant as Croton Caudatus Geiseler.

Prof. Potsangbam Kumar had also identified the composition of the plant. According to his reports, the leaves of the plant contain Crotoflorine (a phynolic substance), Crostsparimine (a new base mop) and Sparsiflorine (an alkaloid substance). And the roots and stems contain Dotriacontamol Beta amyrine and Beta sitosterat which are used in treating cancer related ailments as per the reports from the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. The team has also proposed the state and central government the extreme need for its extensive cultivation. Many of the experts will be working on further research. They have also given credit to Hmar for the discovery of this anti-cancerous plant.

Well, what do you think? Give your comments here if you have anything to share. By the way, I think the World Health Organization needs to have a little attention on this plant as it is grown in the Saikot village widely and can be used for very cheap cancer treatment. Why depend on the costliest cancer medicine if you have a free plant that can cure cancer in no time?