For quite some time, my blog has been slow and I finally got the time to sort this out. Using Firebug, I analyzed the page response times of all requests made while opening my homepage. And surprisingly, the kontera ad code that I added seems to be taking a lot of time. So, I just removed the ad code and tried refreshing my page and then …oorah.. My blog is loading faster than ever before.

But then, what about the bucks I get from kontera? I went to their site and just checked my last quarter earnings and it was pathetic. Who’s gonna sacrifice the speed of their blog for a few bucks a quarter. Maybe i’ll try something like infolinks but not kontera. Not anymore. Well, if you have kontera and your blog is taking too much time, removing the kontera ad code is the first thing I’ll suggest you to do. And after that, you can start looking for “i like taking time to load” plugins in firebug.