Out of the various antivirus softwares available for your PC, Kaspersky can be the most effective antivirus and can protect your PC from all kinds of threats. Although there are hundreds of antivirus reviews out there on the internet and there, you may find some reviews saying that some other antivirus is better than Kaspersky. But as far as I know, Kaspersky is the best antivirus. The major reason that Kaspersky might not be rated the top antivirus is because in those reviews they consider price, easy to use, etc. and many other factors which in some keeps Kaspersky a little lower in the chart. But what matters the most is “how secure your computer is to virus and spyware attacks?” and this is where Kaspersky beats all of the other antivirus softwares.

I have tested many antivirus softwares like Norton, Antivir, Avast, Symantec, McAfee, etc. but none of them has ever given my PC so much protection like Kaspersky does. In a computer network like ours where there are hundreds of virus filled computers connected in it, I’ve found the real taste of a good antivirus. No matter how many virus attacks come from the Local network when you try to read someone’s shared file or folder, Kaspersky protects my PC from any kind of threat. The fact is that Kaspersky is not just an antivirus which detects virus based on virus definitions; it also warns you of suspicious programs which can be a virus or spyware even though there’s no definition for it. Its protection systems including the three main features – Application Integrity Control, Registry guard and Application Activity Analyzer keep your PC in complete protection from viruses and spywares.

Now, let’s have a look at how these protection systems protect your PC from viruses:

  • Application Integrity Control: This is a protection system which acts like a guard to ensure that a process doesn’t alter other processes or files out of its jurisdiction. It detects any process which tries to alter another process or load an unknown module and asks for confirmation from the user. And the process is paused until the user confirms to allow it. This is how Kaspersky can detect or protect from any unknown virus whose definitions are not yet in its database. However, this can be a big threat if the user doesn’t know about the nature of the process and allow it to continue thereby making the virus free to exploit the system.
  • Registry Guard: As I’ve seen in many of the virus infected computers in my hostel, the major attacks of computer viruses are targeted to the windows registry. You might have seen the “folder options” gone from your explorer’s ‘tools’ menu or your Task Manager and Regedit disabled by some viruses. All of these are because of changes in the registry made by the virus. Now, Kaspersky antivirus has the registry guard which detects any change in the registry and blocks it until confirmation by the user. In this respect also, the user must be careful enough to block registry changes made by unknown processes and allow changes made by system processes and trusted programs.
  • Application Activity Analyzer: This is also a feature which is helpful in detecting dangerous threats which can be viruses or other dangerous programs. It detects the threat based of the process’s algorithm and activity. If the process/program’s algorithm contains segments of codes which are dangerous or virus like or activities which can harm the system, it blocks the process and mark it as a possible threat.

Besides these three features Kaspersky’s reputation is also a contribution of its fully customizable option. You can turn off the virus alert sound, store updates in your drive, update from a local source, and many more. But while using its fully customizable option, you should be careful enough and make sure you know what you are doing.
Kaspersky antivirus 2009In fact, Kaspersky is not a great antivirus for those who don’t know how to use it – it can even lead to problems but to those who know, it is the best antivirus you can get at the moment and maybe in the coming years too.


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