If you are a football fan, you would never want to miss the English Premier League matches. The English Premier League is the biggest Inter-Club Football Championships in Great Britain and of course it is popular all over the world. If you are a fan of Cricket, you will find a similar enthusiasm in the Indian Premier League. The Indian Premier League is a similar league between cricket clubs in India like the Mumbai Indians, the Royal Challengers and so on. If you are an Indian cricket Fan, you might already know this and you are probably waiting for the first match to come but for those who don’t, the IPL is starting today and if you don’t want to miss the match, I reckon you switch on your TV set right now. But before you go watch this exciting league, you better have a look at these details of the league matches.

For this season, There are eight teams mainly based on eight Indian cities. They play each other in home-and-away-basis. Each teams plays other team twice and finally four teams will get selected for the semifinal and the winners will be playing in the finals of IPL. IPL is starting today and will end on 1st of June. There are many international stars involved in it and for the fans of cricket it is going to be great fun.

These eight teams are Clubs from Kolkata, Mumbai, Mohali, Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. Players were bid in order to form the squads for each team. Those players whose values exceeded more that 1Million dollars are termed to be as Iconic players. Each team has one iconic player. The most costliest bid team is Mumbai Indians. Their cost is US$111.9 million whereas the second is Bangalore Royal Challengers having a cost of US$111.6 million.

Well, if you are going to watch the whole league, you should keep yourself in touch with the latest scoreboards and schedules. But will you wait for your “full of advertisement TV channel” to show you the scoreboards or the fixer. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Because, if its me, I would just go to a website of the Indian Premier League and watch the scores and schedules there. And if you need a little help on it, here it is the non -official website of the IPL-Indian Premier League. There, you can find latest scores of IPL, standings, squads, team profile and other updates related to IPL. Above all, It tells about other scores of matches that are going on. I hope it helps you guys with your cricket enthusiasm and make you keep in touch with the latest scoreboards. Anyway, enough talking. I got to go and watch the matches. So, bye for now. You too watch the matches in Channel ten (Australian) and enjoy the matches.