I thought sketching with an ipad would be difficult. Now that I’ve tried it out and it’s much more easy than I expected, well, not with the wrong tools. Sketchbook Express is a free ipad app from Autodesk and it allows you to draw on your with very ease. The App has all basic toolsets for sketching but the most important feature is the automatic smoothening which allows you to draw smooth curves with your hand.

I’m not just bad in painting, I suck in painting. Considering that, I could pull off a good or atleast the best painting I’ve ever made in 60 secs. So, here it is the painting I made using an ipad app. Well, you won’t possibly like this painting but this is the best painting I’ve ever drawn, seriously :) .

Well, if you want to sketch with your ipad, just install the app “sketchbook express” from autodesk. It’s available for free in Apple App Store. Try it out and feel free to share your opinions.