There are many wordpress plugins out there which you might be interested in. But installing them all might be a big problem – download and then upload and then activate. Today, I’m here to share a technique which will allow you to install all such wordpress plugins at once. Using the plugin central plugin, you can install many wordpress plugins in one simple step provided you know the plugin name or plugin url. And I’m going to teach you how to do that. But first of all you need to install the plugin – Plugin central and activate it (If you don’t know how to install a wordpress plugin, see how to install a wordpress plugin!). Once you have installed this plugin, you are ready to install the many plugins in a few simple steps:

Steps to Install many wordpress plugins at once using plugin central:

  1. Log into your wordpress admin control panel.
  2. Goto Plugins->Plugin Central.
    Go to Plugin Central
  3. In the Plugin Central Options page, enter all the names or urls of the wordpress plugins you want to install int the field provided and click install.Plugin central Options page
  4. Now, goto plugins page and activate all the plugins by using the bulk update feature.
  5. If some plugins can’t be installed enter their download urls and the plugin will be installed.

And that’s it! Any number of plugins can be installed at once by following the above steps. Well, hope that helps. And if there’s any problem you got there, feel free to leave a comment here. :) Cheers.