I’m just republishing it as it was unpublished some time back. So don’t bother trying to wish me luck. Also, I got a lot of wishes that time and I really appreciate you all. Thanks but I didn’t get it through. Anyway, here’s the original post. (I had to unpublish it as I was trying to crack a couple of other interviews at that time and thought they might not like the post.) BTW, one of the mistakes I made was that the interview was done through some consultants. I really think I should’ve applied from Microsoft’s website. So guys, if you are planning to go to Microsoft, you better get it referred or apply through their website. Don’t get it through a consultant.

I’ve always wanted to join Microsoft – ever since I was like in 8th class, when I first laid my hands on a Windows 95 machine. Microsoft was the first IT company that I was aware of and I’ve always wanted to become a software engineer at Microsoft since that time. And came a long journey until my final year at college, when I was expecting to appear for Microsoft. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t come for our batch and it was indeed the year 2009 – where thousands of employees lost their jobs worldwide.

But I’ve been waiting for an opportunity and even though I didn’t have much time to prepare, I think I’m ready to go for my dream Company. Well, I was looking for a job change and it seems luck has favored me till now by giving me this opportunity to give an interview for a position at Microsoft IDC Hyderabad. Microsoft is coming down to Pune tomorrow and I think I’m ready to do this.

I’ve prepared a bit, well, I’ll say – prepared in a short and smarter way and I’m confident that I can do this. Hey, I gotta prepare a little more. And I’ll surely update you guys if I get the position. Wish me luck frens :).