Until recently, I had been using the free sitemap generator of xml-sitemaps.com. The sitemap generator works fine and is useful for getting your page indexed by Google. Specially for putting the sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools, the sitemap generated by this tool is great. However, the main problem with this tool is that it can’t create a sitemap with more than 500 pages if you are using the free version. You can definitely create a sitemap with infinite number of pages using the pro version but hey, who gets a paid one these days? Everyone’s looking for a free one.
But now with the new Free Google sitemap generator plugin for wordpress, your blog doesn’t need to buy a pro version. All you have to do is download and install the free plugin which is available here. With this new plugin, you will be able to dynamically generate xml sitemaps which are compatible with google and therefore can be much more useful and easy to use. With this new plugin, you don’t need to recreate the sitemap again and again. So, cheers to Arne Brachold who created this plugin. By the way, feel free donating him a few bugs if you really like this plugin.