From the comments from my readers, it seems many people are having problems finding drivers for their Compaq Presario Laptops. Considering this problem, I’ve finally decided to write up a post on drivers for Compaq Presario laptops. Finding the drivers for Compaq laptops is certainly a problem for most of the customers. I myself had faced this problem once but a after a little digging up, I found a way to find the drivers. And here I am – sharing that technique with you.

How to find the driver for your Compaq Presario laptop drivers?

Just follow the following steps to download the drivers for your Compaq Presario laptop:

  1. Go to
  2. In the countries list, click the link to your country. (If your country is not in the list, click the link to find United States –English).
  3. In the new page, click the link “Software and Driver Downloads”.
  4. Enter your MODEL NUMBER (product number) in the box for product name/number. E.g. Compaq CQ45 112au. Click the button with “» »” sign or press ENTER.
  5. In the new page with title “Select your operating System”, click the link to your operating system from the list. (If your operating system is not listed, HP does not currently have software or driver downloads available for your product for that operating system, or they are not available in the language you have chosen. To look for a driver in another language, change the software/driver language by clicking the “Change your software/driver language:” link on this page to see what drivers are available for your operating system.)
  6. The new page will contain all the drivers for your laptop and the operating system you chose. Click each link and you can download the drivers one by one.
  7. Still can’t find the drivers for your Compaq Presario laptop

    If you are still unable to find the drivers for your laptop after following the above steps, you can contact hp customer service or post your model number in the comments box below. I may be able to help you unless your laptop is a “HP doesn’t have support for this product”. :)