Barron provides around 4000 GRE words that you are supposed to remember. But unless you have a photographic memory, remembering 4000 words isn’t an easy task. I was like “Who the heck is going to remember all these words?”. And as always, I tried to find an easier way to remember or rather, help me remember these words. And here’s a very popular and fruitful solution. ANKI is an open source software which helps you remember more easily. By reviewing repeatedly for only those which are difficult, ANKI helps your minimize your time spent on learning and also remember more. Well, what can I say more. With ANKI, learning the 4000 words doesn’t seem that difficult as earlier. So, those who are giving CAT, GRE or whatever; you should definitely try this. Let me know what you feel about it.

And for those who needs a little help in the steps to use it, below are the steps to install and configure ANKI for the GRE words list.

  1. Download and install ANKI.
  2. Open ANKI
  3. Click File -> Download -> Shared Deck
  4. Type “GRE words” in the search box and download the deck – “GRE words(with examples, antonyms and notes). This one is the best if you are giving GRE.
  5. Now, load the deck and you are ready to go.

Also, you can always sync your data by creating an anki account so that you can access your deck from any device. Anki has an application for android also with which you can review your desks. Well, I personally like Anki and there are lots of cool stuffs you can do. Find more about it at Finally, hats off to open source :) .