Being an experienced webmaster for more than 2 years, I have learned a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I use it in each and every site I have. However, it is quite difficult to implement the SEO optimizations in a wordpress blog. In fact, wordpress doesn’t allow you to have a unique Meta description or a Meta keyword tags for each posts. This is quite a big problem for those who want to optimize their wordpress blogs. Also, even though you can put these Meta tags in the homepage, it should be done with the theme editor which needs a little bit knowledge of PHP and HTML. And therefore, this might be problem for bloggers who don’t know coding.

But with the All In One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin which I found recently, all the SEO stuffs are a lot easy and handy. You can insert description and keyword Meta tags for each post and easily add Meta in the home page too. Thanks to Michael Torbert for creating this plugin. Now, I would like to give a few features of this Plugin.


  • Easily change the title, Meta description, Meta keyword tags of the blog’s homepage.
  • Change post title format, page title format, category title format, Archive Title Format, Tag Title Format, Search Title Format, Description Format, etc.
  • Insert additional headers to your blog’s home, post and page templates.
  • Option to enable no index for categories, archives etc.
  • Insert unique title, Meta description, Meta keyword tags to each post/page while publishing the post.

Well it really helps me optimize my blog and I recommend it to all bloggers who want to optimize their site for search engines. Here’s a snapshot of the plugin’s configuration page:

Snapshot of All in one SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

Download All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

Click here to download All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin.