I have seen many bloggers having an archives page where all their categories and monthly archives are listed. However, I never thought of adding this page into my blog because I always thought that this feature might not be available with the wordpress itself and may be it comes with a wordpress plugin. But, today I did a little search on google and it comes out to be a default feature of WordPress and it can be done in a minute. I just added this archives page and removed my archives section from the sidebar. I think this will decrease the OBL (Outbound Links) of my homepage without the expense of archival navigation. In short, adding the archives page can save you unnecessary homepage links.

If you are an experienced blogger, I’m sure that you already know how to add an archives page but if you are also a beginner like me, you might wanna read this. To enable your archives page, go to “Write a Page” page of your wordpress admin control panel and create a page called “Archives” or whatever you want. Now, all you have to do is change the Page template whose default value is “Default template” into a “Archives ” Template.
Picture of Enabling archives in wordpress

So, you can easily add the archives page. Now. if you want to change the page structure, you can change that in your theme editor’s “archives.php” file and with this simple step, your blog will look much better and become SEO Friendly. :) Good for SEO Guys.