It looked like a myth that I can earn money from blogging when I first started Blogging. But I didn’t stop. I kept working and working and now I have my first month of earning. It was the month of February 2007 when I started Blogging. I had a Domain named which was of PR 1 and I got it from Bonyuts, a senior in my college. He gave me the Domain for free so that I can start earning. That’s how I started Blogging. Now after 5 months of blogging, I’m able to earn 400$ in my first month.

Now that I have earned some money, I have also helped my friends to do the same. At this time I’m having a few blogs which contribute to my earnings which are

  • Scarlett-films – A Review on Celebrities and Hollywood movies,
  • Sports Blog -A Sports Blog On sports news, headlines, sports stars and
  • E-magazines – An Internet Resource Blog.

These blog do a great deal for me. As I was planning to earn 500$ in the summer vacation, I earned around 420$ which is not bad. I had a plan to buy a Laptop with my first earnings but I couldn’t remember how I spend 120$ this month itself. Now my plan is to earn some money, establish a stable revenue source and concentrate on my studies. Well, I have my campus selection 11 months later and I have to prepare for it. But I’ll keep posting about interesting things and therefore do visit again.