This is the time of cloud computing and nobody’s keeping their backup in a hard drive or local device. Everybody’s going the cloud way. But if you are still not comfortable with the cloud thing, here are three reasons why you should choose to back up your data online.

  1. Accessible anywhere and with any device:- With the availability of cheap internet connection, we now have internet connections in our computer, notebook and mobile devices. With internet connection in all these devices, online backup makes it easy to sync data across all devices and access data from any place. With these possibilities, there are various ways to sync your contacts, mails and other data across multiple devices. Would you still prefer the old way of ad hoc connection and syncing between these devices?
  2. Crash/Risk free:- With numerous cloud services on the internet, crash protection and recoverable backup has never been easier. Imagine having a hard drive as a backup device and the hard drive itself is corrupted. Cloud services help you avoid these risks by maintaining multiple versions of your backup.
  3. Secure & Easy:- When you backup your data online with trusted cloud services, your data is protected and secure with latest security technologies. You cannot secure your hard drive from malwares or other malicious softwares unless you are a hacker.

Well, these are not the only advantages of online backup. How will you protect your data against natural disasters, children, loss, thefts, etc.? Does your tape even work? Time has changed from the age of computers to the age of clouds. People are moving rapidly into the cloud world. Every person has more than one digital device and is using clouds knowingly or not. Having said that, would you rather use your personal email service or the simple and easy to use GMAIL. Still not convinced? Think about facebook.