Google Sitemap Generator – WordPress sitemap plugin

With the coming of Google webmaster tools, having a dynamic sitemap in the Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap has become one of the most important steps of Search Engine Optimization. But creating sitemaps manually for dynamic websites blogs can be very much uncomfortable. For the purpose, the Google Sitemap Generator Plugin for wordpress has been released. This plugin creates a sitemap.xml file in the web server and updates this file whenever a new page or post is created or whenever there is any changes in the blog. Also, every time you edit or create a post, your sitemap is updated and all major search engines that support the sitemap protocol, like, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO, are notified about the update.

In other words, with this new plugin, the blogger no longer needs to update his sitemap as everything is done by its own. All the blogger has to do is install this plugin in the wordpress blog.

Where to Get the Latest Google Sitemap Generator Plugin for wordpress

You can read the documentation of Google Sitemap Generator Plugin for wordpress here.

Download Google Sitemap Generator v3.1.0.1

Akismet – WordPress’ spam filter plugin

Akismet is a free wordpress plugin which checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. This plugin is a free plugin and it comes with the wordpress package but you need a API key to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments.”

How to activate Akismet plugin?

You need API Key to activate the free Akismet Plugin. You can get the WordPress API key by registering in Once registered, log in and go to your global dashboard and then go to “profile”. There, you will be able to see the API key. It is a lettered word consisting of only numbers and alphabets. Now, In your wordpress blog’s admin panel, go to plugins and activate “Akismet”. It will then ask you to enter the Akismet key and you can enter the key you got above and it’s activated.

Akismet Is a very important plugin because of the increasing number of spammers. Without it, it is almost impossible to check all the comments you receive as a large number of them will be spams. You can also change the settings of Akismet under the Plugins tab > Akismet Configuration. You can set the Akismet to automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month by checking the check box.

In other words, Akismet is the most important and the first plugin that you need to install once you create your wordpress blog.

Get Latest Akismet Plugin

Click here to get information on the the latest Akismet Plugin or Download here.

Premium gadgets and softwares – All in one multimedia Review

Well, it is quite a difficult task to find out which softwares and gadgets are best suited for you. If you go ahead to Mozilla and have a look at the addons and plugins available there, you will realize that there are a lot of useless or unimportant plugins over there. And if you are hoping that you can find out the best softwares by yourself, it’s almost impossible because while you are observing a few plugins over there, news softwares will already be released. So, at this field I prefer selected plugins and softwares which are already reviewed by experts and users both. E.g. gives a list of best extensions for Firefox after properly reviewing almost all of the Firefox extensions available at Mozilla.

Besides, best Windows software downloads are over there just like the above extensions of Firefox – All observed and tested by experts and customers. Now, what is the benefit of such observed softwares? Well, one thing is that as they are recommended by experts, you don’t have to be afraid of spyware or fraud softwares. And above all, you are not an expert in software evaluation and it’s always a good idea and safe to follow expert’s instructions.

Another interesting software I found over there is from their Blaze Media Pro review which is about an all in one multimedia software. With this all in one multimedia software, you will be able to fulfill all your multimedia needs like music playback, movie editing etc. Now, the most interesting fact is that this is not the end. For any of your needs like hardwares, computer softwares, and tech equipments; you can read the technology news which will not only help you decide for yourself the best choice but also where to buy such items from the online stores.

Kaspersky antivirus review – How it keeps your PC virus free

Out of the various antivirus softwares available for your PC, Kaspersky can be the most effective antivirus and can protect your PC from all kinds of threats. Although there are hundreds of antivirus reviews out there on the internet and there, you may find some reviews saying that some other antivirus is better than Kaspersky. But as far as I know, Kaspersky is the best antivirus. The major reason that Kaspersky might not be rated the top antivirus is because in those reviews they consider price, easy to use, etc. and many other factors which in some keeps Kaspersky a little lower in the chart. But what matters the most is “how secure your computer is to virus and spyware attacks?” and this is where Kaspersky beats all of the other antivirus softwares.

I have tested many antivirus softwares like Norton, Antivir, Avast, Symantec, McAfee, etc. but none of them has ever given my PC so much protection like Kaspersky does. In a computer network like ours where there are hundreds of virus filled computers connected in it, I’ve found the real taste of a good antivirus. No matter how many virus attacks come from the Local network when you try to read someone’s shared file or folder, Kaspersky protects my PC from any kind of threat. The fact is that Kaspersky is not just an antivirus which detects virus based on virus definitions; it also warns you of suspicious programs which can be a virus or spyware even though there’s no definition for it. Its protection systems including the three main features – Application Integrity Control, Registry guard and Application Activity Analyzer keep your PC in complete protection from viruses and spywares.

Now, let’s have a look at how these protection systems protect your PC from viruses:

  • Application Integrity Control: This is a protection system which acts like a guard to ensure that a process doesn’t alter other processes or files out of its jurisdiction. It detects any process which tries to alter another process or load an unknown module and asks for confirmation from the user. And the process is paused until the user confirms to allow it. This is how Kaspersky can detect or protect from any unknown virus whose definitions are not yet in its database. However, this can be a big threat if the user doesn’t know about the nature of the process and allow it to continue thereby making the virus free to exploit the system.
  • Registry Guard: As I’ve seen in many of the virus infected computers in my hostel, the major attacks of computer viruses are targeted to the windows registry. You might have seen the “folder options” gone from your explorer’s ‘tools’ menu or your Task Manager and Regedit disabled by some viruses. All of these are because of changes in the registry made by the virus. Now, Kaspersky antivirus has the registry guard which detects any change in the registry and blocks it until confirmation by the user. In this respect also, the user must be careful enough to block registry changes made by unknown processes and allow changes made by system processes and trusted programs.
  • Application Activity Analyzer: This is also a feature which is helpful in detecting dangerous threats which can be viruses or other dangerous programs. It detects the threat based of the process’s algorithm and activity. If the process/program’s algorithm contains segments of codes which are dangerous or virus like or activities which can harm the system, it blocks the process and mark it as a possible threat.

Besides these three features Kaspersky’s reputation is also a contribution of its fully customizable option. You can turn off the virus alert sound, store updates in your drive, update from a local source, and many more. But while using its fully customizable option, you should be careful enough and make sure you know what you are doing.
Kaspersky antivirus 2009In fact, Kaspersky is not a great antivirus for those who don’t know how to use it – it can even lead to problems but to those who know, it is the best antivirus you can get at the moment and maybe in the coming years too.


Kaspserky Lab UK – Buy the latest kasperky antivirus or download the trial package.

Nikon D300 – Best Camera of the Year

Once again, Nikon’s new Camera D300 has been rated the best camera of the Year 2008. Nikon is also the best camera manufacturer of the year. Well, the new d300 is quite an attractive camera with new features. When I first saw a D300, I was impressed and thought of buying one for myself. So, I went through a few details of the camera and here it is that impressed me more.

Nikon D300 - Side View
Nikon D300 Front view
Features of Nikon D300 Digital SLR Camera
• 12.3 Mega pixels Camera
• 8fps rapid shooting using AC adaptor/Multi-power pack MB-d10 batteries
• 6fps rapid shooting using Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
• EXPEED Technology Digital Image Processing
• 51 point autofocus system for sublime performance
• 3’’ VGA LCD with 920,000 dot resolution
• Two Live View modes – Handheld and Tripod
• Dust reduction function
• HDMI output with support for HDTV Display
• Exclusive Wireless Transmitter WT-4(optional)
• New Picture Control System
• Active D-Lighting
• ISO 3200

The camera is the winner of the Smart Photography Awards 2008 and is popular for producing the highest quality image amongst other cameras of its price range. It is also popular as the best all round camera. And now it’s a great time to buy the camera as prices are lower than ever. Price range is $1,321 to $1,869 in various online stores. For India, Online retail might be difficult but I’ve got the information you need to buy it. Indian Market price range is Rs. 78999 to 99950.

Where to Buy Nikon D300 DSLR? ($1,759.99) ($1,558.00)

Where to Buy in India? (Rs. 99950)

Namecheap Coupon Codes for October 2008

October 2008 has started and along with that namecheap’s old coupon code – BACKTOSCHOOL won’t be working anymore. You need a new coupon code to buy your domains at reduced prices. Once again, I’m sharing this coupon with you. This coupon will help you buy your domains at a reduced price of $8.41 instead of its original price of $9.29. The coupon code for july is given below:
Expires on: 31st oct 2008
Hope this helps you guys save your money while buying your domains from namecheap. Cheers :) .

Funny ecards for free

It’s been days since I last met my friend Jordan and I thought I’d send him some ecards. So, yesterday, I was searching Google for some ecards and found some interesting things about ecards. I was kind of searching some funny ecards and I found what I searched for. This site for Funny ecards has the most exciting collection of ecards that you can choose for sending to your friends and colleagues. The ecards are funnier because some of them even have real videos and can be quite an adrenaline pumping when it comes to excitement. Besides, it has many other jokes and ecards that you might want to check out like the naughty ecards. The Naughty eCards are in fact wonderful pieces for flirting with your partners and friends. They are funny and both naughty and can be quite an interesting piece if you want to flirt with someone.

And if your friend is a close one and you are frank with each other, you can even try their Adult e Cards which is funnier and more exciting than the previous ones. Although these ecards are most adult jokes, they are not x- rated and that’s why you can send it to a friend without much problem. They don’t have offensive scenes but just jokes which simplifies naughtiness. It can also be a very good one for your partner too.